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If you might be interested in organising a barn dance and would like to know more about how we might help, the first step is usually to phone us. There’s no commitment at this stage.

We can help answer lots of questions…

  • If you’re not yet sure what you want or how we might help, please ask us.
  • If you don’t know whether your budget’s right, please ask us.
  • If you have practical questions concerning your event and need advice, please ask us.

Booking us should be easy and we’re here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you always have the same musicians?
We have a core team of five musicians who perform for most events. As we all have other commitments too, there are occasions when one or two are unavailable; stand-ins would be called upon in such circumstances. We always try hard to ensure that the event organiser will be well satisfied, whoever takes part on stage.
Do you always have the same caller?
We work with several well-known callers and we always try hard to ensure that the event organiser will be well satisfied, whoever takes on the role.
Can you work with my preferred caller instead?
We can work with anyone who knows how to teach dances in our range of styles (mostly English ceilidh, with influences from Scotland, Ireland, Europe, Scandinavia and North America).
How far will you travel to do a gig?
We are spread over Hampshire and The New Forest, roughly centred on Romsey & Winchester. As a rough guide, we prefer gigs within an hour's driving. This covers all of Hampshire and The New Forest, includes Southampton and Portsmouth, and extends from Dorset to West Sussex and up into Wiltshire and Berkshire.
Do you have public liability insurance?
Yes, Spike Island Band is a member of EFDSS and they provide full public liability insurance for our events.
Do you provide your own amplification?
Yes, we have a well-specified and reliable PA system.
Can you provide a microphone for our speeches?
We have equipment available; please discuss what you want with us.
Does your PA ever suffer from feedback?
We have digital feedback cancellers as part of our PA. Feedback is almost never a problem.

Spike Island Band Booking

Making your booking

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Please phone the band to discuss your requirements. Then please print this page (the form will appear).

Fill in the booking form and send it to us (an address will be printed on the form).

Spike Island Band
24hr answerphone: 07733 056060

For your records:

Fee Agreed: £
Deposit: £ 50
Balance: £

Cash on the night, please.

Cancellation terms:

  • more than one week: deposit (only) is forfeit;
  • one week or less: half fee payable;
  • 24hrs or less: full fee payable.

Spike Island Band Booking Form

Your name:




e.g. Wedding anniversary, Company Party, etc



Start / finish times:

Please enclose a deposit of £50 with your booking (cheques payable to The Spike Island Band).

Please ‘phone 07733 056060 to confirm arrangements.

Fee: £

(including deposit)

Spike Island Band
Tanglewood Mead Road
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